Eboni Boneé (EB)

Eboni Boneé Coleman (EB) is a multimedia artist and creative who focuses on contextualizing the lived experiences of her community as a Black queer woman. With a keen eye for the subtle details of her environment, EB ’s work has been featured in various publications locally and nationally, including but not limited to: Rocky Mountain PBS, Blavity, Westword, The Denver Post, OutFront Magazine, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, and 9 News. 

A native of Denver, EB’s distinctive eye is influenced by her background as a performer. With the ability to see the hidden patterns and making the connections for the larger story, EB has the innate sense to see the impact of the photo before it happens. Resulting in powerful captures of what is now our communal history. 

Denver 7 News: EB Pixs Multimedia company segment 2023


“Eboni's photography skills were exceptional, capturing every moment with precision and creativity. She seamlessly transitioned between candid shots and group photos, showcasing her attention to detail.
What truly sets Eboni apart is her commitment to customer satisfaction. When we realized we missed one fellow's headshot, she not only accommodated our request but delivered a same-day turnaround. Her passion for photography and dedication to her clients shine through!”

—Govern For America

“Eboni made me feel like I could conquer the world. Her branding photoshoot was fun, professional and empowering. From beginning to end, Eboni was communicative, helpful and friendly. Especially given the high quality images delivered at the end of the project, I look forward to working with Eboni again.”

—Jessica N | Persist Publicity

“Working with EB Pixs was amazing! She was down to earth and easy to work with. She answered all the questions and help me plan out everything with no hesitation. She was able to see my vision and help bring everything to life. She is just wonderful!”

—Rhiana Brame

“Eboni took beautiful headshots for the Moonshot edVentures community and was a true pleasure to work with! Eboni made everyone feel really comfortable, which resulted in a fun, enjoyable experience that allowed her to capture individual personalities in the headshots. The photos looked amazing in the end and exceeded our expectations -- it was helpful to get to select our favorite photos from a gallery and to get various resolution qualities of each photo. We would highly recommend Eboni to anyone!”

—Moonshot EdVentures